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Autumn is bright

Autumn is bright

Autumn is bright

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    Autumn is bright
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    Man Xingyun
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    Happy Read
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2022-05-08 18:14:45
She is ordinary and childish. Only fresh life and shy temperament can provide her with some gratifying energy. It is really the most common of countless spirituality in the past and in the future, but she is ready to go through the world in a hurry, such as you and me. But even if it is only such a familiar and well understood spirit, in the time and space when her life blooms, it may have passed on you and me, or it may be enjoying the same lucky and blooming life - the most pure and simple happiness of the living, which is exciting, inspired by love, is not worth writing again and again, Preach this is a simple, plain and slightly trembling love story, with light sweetness, light bitterness, and many wonderful interests when they are tempted to get close to each other.