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Reborn Koi fuyunduo

Reborn Koi fuyunduo

Reborn Koi fuyunduo

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    Reborn Koi fuyunduo
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    Silver moon white song
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    Bestair novel
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2022-05-27 00:33:09
The original title of the book is "rebirth of Koi sweet wife" "beauty God?" No, it's su Tianxin, a girl of "mold God" when I grew up in an orphanage, I had no father or mother. I wrestled and choked when I walked and drank water. I was unlucky and never looked like anything but she always believed that as long as she did more good things, she would be lucky one day after an accident regenerates a rich family daughter with the same name and surname, she is a koi Su Tianxin: brother, make a wish Su Yuexin: it won't come true forget it, my sister is so serious. Just say one. I want that down limit stock to rise back a month later... reporter: "Mr. Su, how did you see Xingda shares as a super potential stock? Before, the industry was not optimistic, but you bought 3 million once and earned 300 million a month. How did you do that?" Recently, Su Yuexin, known as the little stock god, was at a loss: I want to say I don't know, can I I bought that junk stock only after I lost a bet with my friends, but I just made a wish with my sister. God knows why it grew so crazy all of a sudden no one believed it Mr. Su with an unfathomable face: "it's a secret!" Qiao MuQing: I know, but I won't say it! My little sweetheart is a live Koi that can come true as long as you make a wish to her "Tianxin, I want to make a wish - I want a daughter-in-law!" the company employees who accidentally passed by were frightened by his words. President Qiao, who is always cold, used to be so superstitious?

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