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Group pet Koi she s still a baby

Group pet Koi she s still a baby

Group pet Koi she s still a baby

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    Group pet Koi she s still a baby
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    Harp singing
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Ginger carp was originally a small Koi raised by Emperor Qingyuan in the sky. After emperor yuan of the Qing Dynasty came down to earth and robbed, Jiang carp was also given a task by the emperor of heaven. Let emperor Qingyuan pass the disaster smoothly with curiosity about the human world, Jiang carp can't wait to enter the mortal world and become the little bully of the Jiang family with the blessing of Koi luck, the Jiang family's blessing is booming sitting by the river, the fish automatically rush to the river bank you can meet Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng in the forest even if he falls, he can find money... as a favorite of the yuan family, Jiang Lei successfully found emperor Qingyuan. After in-depth understanding, he found that emperor became a poor Cheng Yuan abandoned by his parents Jiang Lei's heart was successfully filled, and he immediately decided to take the poor girl home to raise... keep it. Ginger carp suddenly found that their lovely crying bag had changed in the face of herself, she is a soft cute little wretch who likes to cry, but in the face of others, she is another cruel and cunning face - what's wrong with her education??