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Mr. Huo, let s divorce

Mr. Huo, let s divorce

Mr. Huo, let s divorce

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    Mr. Huo, let s divorce
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    Desert dust
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    Lava Novel
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2022-05-27 04:23:32
When she was ruthlessly sent to prison by her loved ones when her sincerity is exchanged for the distrust of the word "never" when the unexpected fire in the prison almost killed her when she lost her child and the only warmth in prison when she changed her face and returned again in another identity she returned with hatred and embarked on the road of no return for revenge for revenge, she approached him, and she camped step by step in order to repay his kindness, she took care of him and made him an international film emperor when everything was calm, she completely disappeared into their world... small theater 1: he blocked her in the corner of the wall, red eyes and said, "Qingqing, let's remarry." she smiled coldly: "Mr. Huo, you recognize the wrong person, I'm not your ex-wife." small theater 2: a film emperor locked her in a chair, hooked her lips and said with a vicious smile: "Sister, you can only be me in this life. Don't try to escape!" a woman looked helpless: "stop it, we're just brothers and sisters."