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My naughty princess in books, shut up

My naughty princess in books, shut up

My naughty princess in books, shut up

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9783 ratings
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    My naughty princess in books, shut up
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    Zuo Miao
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    Only Novel
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2022-01-14 03:49:08
Cold and arrogant men x naughty women GU Qian accidentally fell asleep when he was brushing a novel... when he woke up, he dressed up as a little girl who couldn't live an episode no! She wants to live! Change the ending but who promised that the black crown prince in the original book would like to see himself, wait, it seems a little... Cruel and sweet but in fact, the real male Lord is not crown prince Xie Wenqing, but... male Lord Xie Ling: "..." so the male Lord is very angry and the matter is very serious so when she saw the essence of these two people, it was too late Gu jia'an: "qiaodou sack! Put down the Tu sword and let's have a good talk! I think it's your fault. You came to me too late..." Xie Ling's sword points down: "hmm?" GU Jiaan was anxious to cry: "help, I'm wrong!!!"

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